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AKAY - Frequently Asked Questions

What is AKAY's mission?Since 1976, AKAY has taken on the mission of crowning the most beautiful day of the modern Turkish woman with its expertise, modern craftsmanship, and the culture it reflects.
How does AKAY provide service?With its Haute-Couture approach, AKAY prepares each of its models individually for every bride. AKAY does not engage in mass/factory production. AKAY offers bespoke, measured, and trial-based tailoring. Every year, it showcases the AKAY collections. Custom designs outside of the collection are realized at the AKAY Wedding House Hüseyin Paşa Mansion with our esteemed designers.
What is the price range for AKAY wedding dresses?While we place great importance on the quality of the fabrics, embroidery materials, and craftsmanship used, we offer a wide variety of models suitable for many budgets in our AKAY boutiques. Detailed information about our models and prices can only be obtained from our branches.
How long before the ceremony should the wedding dress be ordered?Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions in wedding preparations. We recommend that our brides visit our branches at least 3 months before the ceremony date to ensure a smooth process and to schedule fitting dates.
Does AKAY work with an appointment system? If so, what services will I receive during the appointment?Although each of our boutiques is equipped with professional bridal consultants and facilities to serve brides without appointments, we recommend an appointment system to provide you with higher quality service. During your appointment, the most suitable models are presented to you based on your preferences, body type, and the venue of the ceremony. During mini fittings, you can receive the necessary information and consultation services from our professional team. Additionally, veils and hair accessories suitable for the wedding dress are offered for your approval.
Is there a presentation fee at AKAY?There is a fee for trial and presentation in our wedding dress appointments. We recommend requesting an appointment to obtain information about the appointment fee.
What is the duration of an appointment at AKAY?Your appointment request is confirmed after our consultants contact you. The appointment duration is 1 hour for all our boutiques. It is important to be at our boutique at the designated appointment time once your appointment is confirmed.
Can AKAY wedding dresses be rented?AKAY does not have a rental system. Each of our wedding dresses is meticulously prepared for a single bride.
Do you sew models from other designers?AKAY is a design brand. As a matter of principle, the products of any company or individual are not taken into account.
Can I make changes to the models I like from your collections?Various modifications and adjustments you desire on your chosen model are made by our professional team.
How should I determine the neckline and skirt form of my wedding dress?The neckline of your wedding dress should be determined entirely based on your physical features such as waist, bust, bust gap, neck measurements, face shape, shoulder width, and bone structure at the décolletage. The skirt form should be chosen in proportion to your height.
What else can I find in AKAY boutiques besides wedding dresses?In AKAY boutiques, you can find shoes, hair accessories, veils, gloves, bouquets, evening dresses, and after-party model alternatives.
How many fittings are needed to deliver the wedding dress?The order process is typically completed with three fittings (measurement fitting, second fitting, delivery fitting). In exceptional cases, additional fittings may be added.
What happens to wedding dresses that are ordered and not picked up after the final fitting?Wedding dresses that have been ordered, paid for, and completed are kept by AKAY for one year from the designated delivery date. After one year, if the dresses have not been picked up, AKAY assumes no responsibility.