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Collection: AKAY by Sezanur Akay Collection

The AKAY by Sezanur Akay collection, created under the direction of our chief designer Sezanur Akay, carries AKAY's design heritage at its core. Wedding dresses, in which silk fabrics are delicately embroidered and hoop details meet with elegance, offer brides a unique and distinguished style. AKAY by Sezanur Akay models are exhibited only at AKAY Wedding House Mansion.

  • MODEL 17010
    a kesim gelinlik modeli dantel gelinlik modeli

    Low Shoulder Lace Embellished Princess Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20336
    straplez gelinlik

    Strapless Satin Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20329
    gelinlik bohem

    Bohemian Strap Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20407

    Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20406

    Yırtmaçlı V Yaka Saten Gelinlik

  • MODEL 20401

    Lace Embellished Princess Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20399
    balık- gelinlik

    Straplez Balık Model

  • MODEL 20393

    Strapless A-Line Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20384

  • MODEL 20370

    Strapless Princess Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20359

    Strapless A Wedding Dress Cut

  • MODEL 20353

    Strapless Puffy Princess Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20346

    V-neck Helen Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20342

    One Shoulder Princess Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20350

    Strappy Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20376

    Off Shoulder Train Mermaid Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20372

    Strappy Helen Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20351

    Yırtmaç Detaylı Askılı Dantel Balık Gelinlik

  • MODEL 20371

    Strapless Slit Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20349

    Strapless Princess Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20348

    Strapless A-Line Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20381

    Strapless A-Line Wedding Dress

  • MODEL 20357

    A Kesim Gelinlik

  • MODEL 20364
    bohem gelinlik modeli vintage gelinlik modeli

    Desenli Kumaş Gelinlik

New Season and Popular Wedding Dress Models:

Our new season AKAY wedding dress models are exhibited in our boutiques. We continually add the season's most stylish and popular wedding dress models to our collections by keeping up with the latest bridal fashion trends. Alongside the models displayed on our website, our boutiques also feature custom-designed models that are outside of our regular collections.

We display wedding dress models in various styles and silhouettes suitable for different body types in our sections. Fish-tail, princess, A-line wedding dress models, and more are exhibited in our boutiques. Each displayed wedding dress model is carefully selected to cater to brides' diverse styles and preferences. Every wedding dress model is meticulously crafted with attention to intricate details and the highest quality materials.

At AKAY, we showcase a variety of wedding dress styles including romantic, modern, vintage, bohemian, and classic in our boutiques. The style of the wedding dress should be determined according to the desires of the bride and her body type. During your wedding dress appointment, our experienced consultants guide you in finding the suitable wedding dress style for you.

It's important to note that the wedding theme is also a significant detail in wedding dress selection. Our consultants assist brides in selecting a wedding dress that matches the wedding theme, ensuring that our brides have an unforgettable wedding dress experience on their ceremony day. At AKAY, our wedding dress models are available ready-made or can be personalized according to the preferences of our brides with the guidance of our consultants.

Wedding Dress Personalization, Custom Tailoring and Ready-made Wedding Dress Models:

At AKAY, various modifications suitable for the wedding dress model according to our brides' requests can be made under the guidance of our expert tailors. All our models can be personalized with modifications to neckline, sleeves, straps, and many other details. Additionally, all our models can be customized as modest wedding dresses. Every detail of our models can be tailored to meet our brides' preferences.

In our boutiques, we offer ready-to-wear wedding dress models in various sizes that brides can try on during their appointments with the assistance of our consultants. The range of wedding dresses displayed in different sizes provides brides with a wide selection.

Throughout the wedding dress tailoring process, we aim to prepare our brides for their happiest day with our meticulous attention to body fit and experienced bridal tailoring. Following the order, all our wedding dress models are carefully and uniquely crafted from start to finish by our experienced tailors. The use of the highest quality materials and detailed craftsmanship in our wedding dresses builds on our half-century tradition of bridal tailoring. Each of our wedding dress models is sewn to perfectly match our brides, tailored according to their personalization requests.

AKAY Wedding Dress Prices and Wedding Dress Appointment:

At AKAY, our wedding dress prices are set in line with our high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Our prices reflect the quality standards of our wedding dress models. The pricing of our wedding dresses varies based on the collection and season they belong to. Additionally, there is a price difference between custom-made and ready-to-order models. The type of fabric used, embellishments, and craftsmanship also influence the pricing of the models.

We offer a wide range of models in our boutiques to ensure that every bride visiting us can find the wedding dress of their dreams for their special day. Brides experience an unforgettable journey during the selection process with the assistance of our experienced consultants. During their appointments, brides can try on desired models and receive information on potential modifications from our consultants. After the initial appointment, we provide detailed follow-up during the fitting and delivery processes to ensure every step is flawless. With the special planning we offer to our brides throughout this process, we aim to provide a memorable and secure experience.

Please note that there is a fee for trials and presentations during our bridal appointments. For information on appointment fees, we recommend submitting a request.