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Wedding preparations are one of the most special periods in a person's life. Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting moments during this time is the selection of the wedding gown. Every bride-to-be wants to look perfect on their happiest day. Besides choosing the preferred gown model, timing for the tailoring process is also crucial. Therefore, making a correct plan during the wedding gown selection process is a critical factor.
10 Months Before the Wedding
To start with, brides can explore current wedding gown collections. It's advisable for brides-to-be to begin researching wedding gown models about 10 months before the wedding date to get an idea. During this period, brides-to-be can comfortably browse through gown models before getting involved in other wedding-related details. While examining gown models, brides can identify models that suit their style and discover the latest trends.
3 to 6 Months Before the Wedding
Between 3 to 6 months before the wedding, brides should clarify their decisions regarding the wedding gown selection and start refining their preferred model styles. This phase involves trying out various styles of wedding gowns, helping brides find the model that suits them best and in which they feel comfortable.
During the gown fitting process, it's important to understand that preferences may change from the initial liked styles. Therefore, trying on various gown models and exploring different styles is crucial. This helps brides gain a healthier perspective when making their final decision.
It should be remembered that the two fundamental points in choosing a wedding gown are the bride's personal taste and body type. The selected gown should harmonize with both points. Hence, being open to changing preferences during the fitting process is important. Listening to recommendations from an experienced bridal sales consultant can also ensure making a more informed choice.
Once the gown is chosen, scheduling for fittings and delivery dates can proceed to start the tailoring process. The fitting process is crucial to check alterations on the gown and make additional adjustments if necessary.
1 Month Before the Wedding
Approximately one month before the wedding, the gown, which has been tailored, should be at its final fitting or delivery stage. At this point, the bride should know that her gown is nearly ready. This allows the bride to focus more comfortably on other details related to the wedding.
The gown fitting and delivery process will vary based on the gown model chosen during the selection process. Additionally, whether you choose a ready-made model or a custom-made model will affect the scheduling of fitting and delivery dates.
Wedding Gown Tailoring Process
The wedding gown tailoring process consists of different stages depending on the bride's preference. Choosing between a ready-made model or a custom-made model determines the main selection for the tailoring process. Depending on the remaining time until the wedding and personal preference, either option can be chosen.
If opting for a completely new gown, the process starts with custom tailoring from scratch. This can involve redoing the gown model preferably and may require more extensive alterations. In this case, the gown will be tailored from scratch to fit the bride's measurements and modifications. Depending on the gown's details, this tailoring process can take a minimum of 1 to 1.5 months. It's important to remember that custom tailoring is a significant process and can take several months until delivery. Additionally, if the bride desires a completely custom design, she should ensure to initiate the tailoring process under the guidance of an experienced consultant.
If a model chosen by the bride is ready-made, adjustments determined with the sales consultant will define the tailoring process. These customizations and refinements on the model can be based on the bride's preferences and body type compatibility. These modifications include ensuring the gown model fits the bride's body measurements, altering lace designs, adding extra embroidery, or motifs. Depending on the selected model and the modifications made, a minimum period of 2 to 3 weeks may be required before delivery.
Taking time in choosing the wedding gown and making the right decision not only ensures the bride achieves the stunning look she desires on her wedding day but also allows her to feel comfortable throughout the planning of other details. Therefore, feeling comfortable during this process and selecting the perhaps most important detail of your wedding day requires appropriate timing.