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Choosing the best flowers for your wedding and striving to achieve visually stunning aesthetics is crucial. Alongside wonderful food, drinks, and entertainment, couples often allocate a significant portion of their wedding budget towards magnificent floral arrangements. A stunning floral design has the potential to transform the venue into a romantic, beautifully scented, and magical atmosphere. The choice of flowers sets the tone for the special celebration and captivates brides, grooms, and guests alike.
After the excitement of your engagement, it's time to set the stage for your wedding. You may already have some ideas, but narrowing down the details is important. This way, you can clearly convey your vision to your wedding planner. The most unique and beloved weddings are influenced by emotional elements that are true to you. Adding personal touches to your wedding aesthetic will make your day unique and help you share your love story with your guests.
Before planning, think about the color palette you'll use and the story you want to tell on your wedding day. A vibrant and bold floral color palette will exude energy and fun, while softer pastel tones create a calm elegance and sophisticated ambiance. Whatever you envision, flowers can convey messages about who you are as a couple.
Consider the composition of floral arrangements at this point. Robust and architectural flowers like calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, and amaryllis generally lend themselves to clean lines and a more modern feel. Delicate and light flowers such as lilies and tulips are used in softer aesthetic designs, while lush flowers like peonies, ranunculus, and roses are often used in more feminine designs.
Selection of Seasonal Flowers
The preference for flowers varies depending on the seasons in which brides worldwide prefer to have their wedding ceremonies. Get an idea about flowers available during each season and those available throughout the year:
Fall Wedding Flowers
Fall weddings are favored by brides who envision rich earth tones inspired by changing leaves, such as orange, purple, green, and red. Beloved fall flowers include dahlias, scabiosa, amaranthus, and celosias.
Winter Wedding Flowers
For winter weddings, textured flowers like amaryllis, anemones, and stephanotis are classic choices.
Summer Wedding Flowers
Summer weddings are highly popular, and flowers such as gardenias, cosmos, sunflowers, and hydrangeas can be chosen.
Spring Wedding Flowers
Spring weddings are most popular for many flower-loving brides because this season offers the widest variety of flowers. Typically associated with softer pastel tones, sought-after flowers include peonies, lilies, tulips, and hyacinths.
If you're smitten with cherry blossoms or peonies, you'll want to consult with your florist first. These varieties are seasonal and may not be available elsewhere outside their natural growing season.
Year-Round Available Wedding Flowers
Fortunately, there are many flower options available throughout the year. Familiar choices like hydrangeas, roses, garden roses, ranunculus, and orchids are available year-round. If your favorite flower isn’t available for your wedding date, your florist can advise on similar varieties in terms of shape, structure, color, or fragrance.
Selecting your perfect wedding flowers should be fun and intriguing but not overwhelming. A professional florist can guide you through important technical and design decisions that will arise throughout the planning process, ensuring you have beautiful, blooming memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.