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Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal Hairstyles: Tips for Choosing According to Dress and Face Shape
Bridal hair is one of the most special and attention-grabbing details on your wedding day. Your bridal hairstyle plays a significant role in expressing your style on your wedding day. Factors such as your chosen wedding dress, wedding theme, face shape, and hair color help you select the most suitable hairstyle.
Among these factors, the wedding dress is the most important. Always ensure that your hairstyle complements your wedding dress during the decision-making process. By complementing your dress with the right accessories, you can create a perfect style. Explore ideas on how your bridal hairstyle could look in our article.
Bridal Hairstyles According to Wedding Dress Style
Mermaid Style Wedding Dress: Mermaid-style dresses have a form-fitting silhouette that flares out from the knee downwards. They are known for their elegant appearance. Therefore, for such dresses, hairstyles that emphasize romance and elegance are ideal. Half-up, half-down hairstyles with natural waves can create this atmosphere. Additionally, braided bridal buns can also be a preferred choice.
Princess Style Wedding Dress: Princess-style dresses feature wide skirts and a voluminous appearance, reminiscent of fairy tales. Bold and grand hairstyles complement these magical dresses. High buns or messy braided hairstyles are ideal choices for this style, enhancing the enchantment of the princess-style gown.
A-Line Wedding Dress: A-Line dresses start narrow at the top and widen as they go down, offering a simple yet elegant look. For A-Line dresses, hairstyles can be left slightly wavy or straight and open. This creates a natural and sophisticated style. Accessories such as hairpins or crowns, matching the wedding dress model, can also be chosen.
Strapless Wedding Dress: Strapless dresses highlight the shoulders, offering a modern and chic look. For strapless dresses, a bun made from the nape of the neck enhances a striking appearance. Additionally, side braided hairstyles complement strapless wedding dress models, highlighting the shoulder décolletage with the dress details.
Vintage Wedding Dress: Vintage-style dresses are inspired by the past and feature intricate details. These models often exude a romantic and nostalgic feel. For vintage dresses, hairstyles often reflect the era, typically favoring wavy and half-up styles. Pearl-detailed hair accessories add a touch of vintage charm.
Simple and Minimalist Wedding Dress: Simple and minimalist dresses emphasize simplicity and elegance. Matching these dresses with straight and simple hairstyles is highly suitable. A low bun or a neat ponytail can create a graceful harmony with the wedding dress model.
Bridal Hairstyles According to Face Shape
Round Face Shape: Brides with round face shapes can opt for open and naturally wavy hairstyles to create a longer and slimmer appearance. Additionally, leaving hair strands down on the sides or opting for light buns can balance facial features effectively.
Square Face Shape: Simple hairstyle models are recommended for brides with square face shapes. Hairstyles with Hellenistic-style braids, for example, are ideal for emphasizing facial features. A thick ponytail can also be chosen to balance facial proportions.
Heart Face Shape: Heart-shaped face contours are well-suited to open and side-pinned hairstyles. Adding waves to open hair can create a romantic atmosphere and reflect a stylish appearance.
Oval Face Shape: Brides with oval face shapes can generally choose from various hairstyle models. Open and naturally wavy hair, braids, or a bun from the nape of the neck are all viable options. If a dress with covered shoulder areas is chosen, a bun made from the nape of the neck can highlight the face.
Bridal Bun Models
Messy Bridal Bun Models: Choosing messy bridal bun models can opt for a more natural and simple approach. Adding a veil or hair accessory to create a messy bun from the top or nape of the neck can achieve a natural look. Having messy buns can also reflect a modern impression.
Braided Bridal Hairstyles: Braided bridal buns provide an elegant appearance. Moreover, braided models provide comfortable movement freedom. They are also frequently preferred by long-haired bridal candidates. Braided hair is suitable for different concepts, from palace weddings to countryside weddings.
Open Bridal Hair Models
Brides who want a natural and comfortable appearance can choose open hair models. However, attention should be paid to the possibility of open hair becoming disheveled during the wedding. Additionally, it is important to consider external factors such as humidity and wind at the wedding venue.
Wavy Bridal Hair Models
Wavy hair adds a natural and free-spirited feel. A wavy hairstyle can achieve a comfortable and enjoyable style. Additionally, completing the hairstyle with lively hair accessories and flowers can create a more impressive appearance.
Bridal Hairstyles According to Wedding Concept
Bohemian Themed Weddings: When aiming for a bohemian wedding theme, the hairstyle should reflect this bohemian vibe. For this, opting for a messy braided hairstyle is ideal. Braided hair models complement bohemian styles perfectly. Additionally, high braids can be an effective choice for creating a bohemian atmosphere. It is also worth mentioning that a hairstyle with Hellenic braids can perfectly complement a bohemian style.
Countryside Weddings: For countryside weddings, opting for natural and light hairstyles is a preferred choice. Naturally wavy hair is often among the most preferred options. Additionally, messy buns created with hair strands left down on the sides are highly suitable for a countryside wedding theme.
Beach Weddings: For beach or seaside weddings, it is preferred to braid the hair from the sides and gather it at the back. Moreover, completing the hairstyle with accessories that reflect the sea theme can complete the hairstyle. Additionally, messy braided bridal hair models for beach weddings provide a more comfortable and natural appearance.
Hair Accessories According to Bridal Hairstyle Models
Crowns or Tiaras: Crowns or tiara hair accessories are highly preferred models. They can be used with high buns or straight hair models. Pearl, crystal, or stone-detailed models can be preferred to highlight. This choice will also add a romantic touch to the hairstyle.
Hair Clips or Hair Ornaments: Hair ornaments and clips can be used with straight hair or half-up hair models. Flower-detailed or delicate pearl clips can be preferred according to the hairstyle model.
Hair Band or Headpiece: Especially with open hair models, headbands or headpieces can be preferred with wavy or natural hair. These hair accessories can be used by brides who choose a comfortable hairstyle. Additionally, it should be noted that headpieces with flower or leaf patterns provide a romantic touch.
Flowers: Flowers are the most natural hair accessory. They can perfectly complement natural and light hairstyle models. Flowers made from real or artificial flowers can be preferred as crowns or hair ornaments.
Veil or Tulle: As a classic and traditional option, using veil or tulle is generally preferred. Veil or tulle can be used with buns or half-up hairstyles. It should be noted that the compatibility of the veil or tulle selection with the wedding dress model is very important. Dresses can be completed with veils of different lengths and styles.
Pearl or Crystal Details: Generally, pearl or crystal-detailed hairpins can be compatible with any hairstyle model. Small pearl or crystal details placed in different parts of the hair will add sophisticated brightness to the hairstyle.
In Conclusion
Remember that choosing a bridal hairstyle is not just about decorating your hair. It also reflects the integrity of your style on this special day. Bridal hair can vary according to each bride's style and preferences. By choosing the right hairstyle, you can achieve an unforgettable look on your special day.