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About Cleaning and Storing Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress is the symbol of your wedding day. You may want to preserve your wedding dress, which symbolizes this precious moment, for a long time. By cleaning and storing your dress correctly, you can preserve your memories and moments for a lifetime. You can review our article below about the cleaning and storage conditions of your wedding dress, which will be a family heirloom. By looking at the recommendations, you can gain detailed information about what you need to pay attention to.
  1. What Should You Pay Attention to Before the Wedding Dress Cleaning Process?
Before deciding to clean your wedding dress, it is important to pay attention to the following points:
Wedding dress fabrics are generally made of delicate and special materials. Therefore, first examine the fabric structure of your wedding dress and choose the appropriate cleaning method.Always consult your wedding dress manufacturer when choosing the appropriate cleaning method.In addition to choosing cleaning methods suitable for the fabric's characteristics, the first thing to know is not to remove existing stains with aggressive treatments.Care should be taken not to use harmful substances such as bleach in cleaning materials.Do not use hot water in the cleaning process.Especially before trying to remove stubborn stains, we recommend consulting a professional or the wedding dress manufacturer.Depending on the type of stain, you may prefer dry cleaning.If your wedding dress has a multi-layered skirt structure, you can place towels between the layers before removing stains. This way, you can prevent other layers from getting stained.Also, pay special attention to embroideries, beads, and stones on your wedding dress. It is important to choose a cleaning method suitable for the accessories on your dress.It is important to get information from your wedding dress manufacturer about the points you need to pay attention to before the special cleaning process.
  1. What Are the Steps of Wedding Dress Cleaning?
If you decide to wash the wedding dress yourself, it will be useful to review the following steps:
If you want to clean your wedding dress at home after the wedding, clean the skirt part of the dress by wiping it with a light cloth and the recommended cleaning material.Instead of washing the entire dress, you can target only the stained areas. In this case, gently clean the stains with a toothbrush or a soft brush.You should prefer washing the dress with lukewarm water.The cleaning agent should be completely dissolved in water.Always remember to test the fabric's reaction before removing stains.Avoid applying aggressive treatments such as rubbing or scrubbing when removing stains from the wedding dress.If you prefer machine washing, wash the dress at 30 degrees on a delicate cycle.If you choose to machine wash, remember to turn the dress inside out.After the machine wash cycle is complete, dry the dress at a low spin.Then, take it out of the machine and hang it in a high place to dry.If you prefer hand washing, wash the dress with cold water and a recommended gentle cleaning material.Use lukewarm water for hand washing as well.Avoid using harsh cleaning methods for hand washing.Fill the bathtub with lukewarm soapy water for hand washing.Gently rub the dress in the bathtub with soft movements and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.After hand washing, rinse the dress thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. When squeezing, be careful not to squeeze the dress tightly; instead, gently press to remove the water.Hang the dress in a high place to dry after the drying process.The wedding dress will naturally get dirty after a busy wedding day. Therefore, dry cleaning may be preferred instead of machine or hand washing.One of the points to pay attention to is that embroidery, beads, and stones on the wedding dress should always be cleaned carefully in the cleaning materials and methods to be used. According to the recommendations you receive from your wedding dress manufacturer, professional dry cleaning is the most appropriate option to protect accessories without damage.It is important to get information about the special cleaning steps for your wedding dress from your wedding dress manufacturer during the delivery process.
  1. How Should the Skirt of the Wedding Dress Be Cleaned?
You can try the following methods to clean the stains on the skirt of the wedding dress.
Since the skirts are the most dirty part of the wedding dress, it is also important to clean the skirts of the dress.If you prefer to wash it yourself, you can use a deep basin or bathtub.Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water, foam the chosen cleaner, and dip the ends of the skirt of the wedding dress in water.After waiting a few minutes in water, gently rub the ends of the skirt to remove dust and dirt.Hang the skirt of your wedding dress to dry after washing.You can also use a drying rack to dry the dress.After making sure it is completely dry, you can store the dress folded in its cover or hang it in your closet by wrapping it with a special protector.It is important to get information about the special skirt cleaning of your wedding dress from your wedding dress manufacturer during the delivery process.
  1. How Should the Wedding Dress Be Stored?
After cleaning the dress after the wedding, you can follow the steps below to store the dress.
Ensure that the dress is completely dry after cleaning. Make sure it is completely dry.It is very important that the wedding dress is dry after cleaning.Storing a damp dress can cause mold or color distortions.You can store the dress by hanging it or laying it flat on a smooth surface.If you prefer hanging method, you can place support material on the shoulder part before hanging the dress.Placing support material prevents the hanger from shaping the dress and deforming the shoulders.Check the humidity and light levels of the environment where you will store the dress. Storing a wedding dress in a humid environment can cause mold formation.Sunlight can also cause the wedding dress fabric to fade.You can use a special wedding dress storage cover to store the dress. These covers are usually made of breathable fabric and protect the dress from dust and light.You can obtain the appropriate cover from the wedding dress manufacturer.Storing your wedding dress in an airless and humid environment can cause its color to fade.In this context, it is recommended to pay close attention to the storage environment.It is important to get information about the special storage conditions for your wedding dress from your wedding dress manufacturer during the delivery process.
  1. What Are the Correct Folding Techniques for the Wedding Dress?
If you are going to fold or carry the wedding dress for a long time, it is important to use the correct folding techniques.
When folding the wedding dress, never place metal or wooden materials between each layer.These materials can leave permanent marks on the fabric.You can place white acetate paper or acetate-based non-woven fabric between the layers.After folding the wedding dress, protect it by wrapping it with a cloth or cotton cover.This prevents the wedding dress fabric from being damaged.Do not tape or compress the folded wedding dress tightly.Fold the dress loosely to allow the fabric to breathe.It is important to get information about the special folding technique for your wedding dress from your wedding dress manufacturer during the delivery process.
In conclusion, the process of cleaning and storing a wedding dress requires sensitivity. Wedding dress cleaning requires careful handling and should be done using the correct methods. Remember that it is best to seek support from a professional dry cleaning company before the cleaning process of your wedding dress and to act in accordance with the recommendations of the wedding dress manufacturer.