Who is Akay Istanbul?

Akay Istanbul is a family company with a professional team whose mission is to make the dreams of the brides come true by synthesizing 30 years of experience with the trends of today.

What kind of service does Akay Istanbul provide?

Akay does not mass-produce. It presents two main collections each year at all of its boutiques. If the bride’s selection is one of the models of the collection, it provides custom tailored products. Services are limited to this. However, custom designs out of the current collection are also available.

How long before the ceremony should I order the wedding dress?

Wedding dress selection is one of the most important parts of wedding preparations. It should not be squeezed into the hectic periods close to the date of ceremony. We recommend you order the wedding dress three to four months in advance by taking into account the tailoring period and fittings.

Does Akay Istanbul work with an appointment system? If so, what is the service will I get during the appointment?

Akay Istanbul prefers working with an appointment system but also has professional bridal consultants and equipment that can serve brides who drop in without an appointment. During your visit, the most suitable dresses will be presented according to your preferences, your body shape and the wedding venue. You will also be presented with veils and hair accessories suitable for the dress.

Does Akay Istanbul provide Wedding Dresses for rent?

Akay Istanbul boutiques do not provide rental dress services. We believe that Akay brides should wear custom-made wedding dresses.

Do you make the dresses for other designers?

Since we are a design-centered company, we do not find it appropriate to sew other designers’ dresses.

How can I determine the collar and skirt form of my wedding dress?

The collar of your wedding dress should be determined according to your physical features, such as waist, chest, cleavage, neck size, face type, shoulder width, and bone structure of the decolté. The skirt shape should be selected based on the height difference between you and your spouse.

Is it OK to choose a wedding dress from a catalog?

When the physical attributes of the models wearing the dress in the catalogs are not the same as you, the results may not meet your expectations. That is why we believe it is better to try on the dress you like yourself. But, you can get ideas about fabrics and ornaments from the catalogs.

What else can I find at Akay Istanbul boutiques other than wedding dresses?

You can find shoes, hair accessories, veils, gloves, hand bouquets, under garments and evening dress alternatives at Akay Istanbul boutiques.

After how many fittings do you deliver the dress?

Generally, we complete the order process with 3 fittings (measurement, second fitting and delivery). We can add one more fittings for exceptional cases.

What should I bring with me when coming for a fitting?

You should bring the under garments and shoes you will intend to wear during the ceremony. If you haven’t selected them yet, you can find them at Akay Istanbul boutiques.

Can I make changes to the models I like from your collection?

We can make the changes that are applicable to the model depending on its features. The necessary directions on this subject can be given by our professional team.

How are payments taken after giving the order for a dress?

Usually, one-third of the amount is taken as a first payment and the rest should be paid in 2 weeks at the latest.

Is the deposit returned in case I want to cancel the sale for any reason?

The deposit is not returned.

What happens to dresses that are ordered and tailored but not delivered at the delivery fitting?

The wedding dresses that are ordered and paid in full and completed are kept in the Akay Istanbul boutiques for one year. If the wedding dress is not collected within a year, Akay Istanbul does not bear any more responsibility.

What is the price range of the wedding dresses?

We give great importance to the quality of the fabric, materials and workmanship. We present various different alternatives suitable for any budget at Akay Istanbul boutiques.