All information you have entered in order to subscribe to our store will not be shared with third-party companies or persons by

Our store may send campaign, new product and promotional information to its customers and subscribers in certain times. Our members can choose whether or not they receive such information at the time of subscription and can change their choice in the account information section after membership begins.

Only you can access and change information you gave at the time of subscription. As long as you protect your membership entry information safely, it is not possible for anyone else to access and change your information. To ensure this, membership is carried out within a 128-bit SSL security area, which is an unbreakable international encoding standard.

The security of the information exchanged between the Secure Payment System of and the customer is provided by a layer called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). With the 128-bit SSL Certificated Payment System, your credit card information or any part of your information is not recorded and your credit card information can only be accessed by the bank that allocated the credit card to you. Your credit card information is collected and verified in the secure area and then is sent to the approval system of your bank. Your payment is accepted upon confirmation received from your bank.


Our company gives the utmost importance to the safety of credit card users who shop from our websites. Your credit card information is not stored in our system in any way.

During the transaction process, there are two things that you must pay notice to understand that you are in a secure area. One is the key or lock symbol found at the bottom of your browser. It shows you are in a secure Internet page and that all of your information is protected with encryption. This information can only be used for the sales process and in line with your instructions. The information of the credit card used for shopping is encrypted with 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol by Rapid, independently from our shopping websites and sent to the bank for inquiry. Purchases can continue if the card is confirmed as usable. Since no card information can be displayed or stored by us, it is protected against theft by third parties under any circumstances.

Our company checks the reliability of payment/invoice/delivery addresses entered for purchases made online with credit cards against Credit Card Fraud. For this reason, first time shoppers at our websites must have their financial and address/telephone information confirmed before we can proceed with the procurement and delivery of their orders. To check that information, the credit card owner customer and/or the relevant bank may be contacted.

Internet shopping sites having information telephone lines or customer support services and offering their mail address and telephone numbers are more preferred today. This way, you can get detailed information on anything you want and access better data about the reliability of the company providing the online shopping service.

Note: We recommend you pay attention to whether or not the mail address and telephone of the company is indicated on the Internet shopping sites. If you are shopping, note down all telephone and address information of the store before your purchase. If you do not trust the site, call the number and verify before you make a purchase. All company information and addresses are shown on our online shopping website


Never include your credit card number or passwords in e-mails you send to our site’s customer services regarding any one of your orders. The information on e-mails can be displayed by third parties. Our company cannot guarantee the security of information transferred with your e-mails in any instance.