Counterfeit Product Policy

We are making private designs for our costumers about 40 years with passion and daintiness , while always prioritizing our customers’ satisfaction and our principles about high quality.If you are giving importance to the originality of dress you buyed , we recommend you to do not be deceived by counterfeit models of AKAY ,for prevent you to be disappointed by those imitation products.

We are really giving importance to product counterfeiting problem as we are taking precautions to prevent counterfeit products.We also need your support.Please control our boutiques and point-of-sales from our website.And please inform us about the other adresses or persons trying to serve you by name of AKAY and just consider only our official social media accounts and website.Please inform those informal acts to us by our mail adress.

Akay is not responsible for any products which is not produced by AKAY. If you buyed an counterfeit product please inform us and get in contact with the seller of counterfeit product.