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Being an Akay bride is so special because we value you so much. You can feel and touch the care we take in every line of your dress. Your dreams come true through our handicraft and you are sent off into happiness as an Akay bride, like hundreds of brides before.

Turkey's biggest tailorhouse Akay Bridal works since 1976 to make the brides happy, synthesising it’s experiences with the newest trends and make the brides dreams come true.

You can make an appointment to see a limitless number of models that are custom fit for different body shapes and finished with traditional handiwork. Every step we make takes brides-to-be closer to their dreams. Akay Wedding Dresses crowns the happiest moment of your life with romantic touches.

Before to say “Yes,” say “Akay.”...

Ermiya Akay

ERMİYA AKAY 1959 - 2013


Ermiya Akay was born in 1959 in Samsun. He graduated from Saint Joseph High School in 1978 and finished Lausanne Polytechnic High Machinery Engineering in 1985. Ermiya speaks English and French and he is married with two children. He manages Akay Gelinlik’s purchasing and administrative.

In 2013, the AKAY family lost its visionary founder and manager Ermiya. He was an entrepreneur, courageous, just and virtuous as a leader. Most importantly, he had a big and beautiful heart. He had many ideas and projects for life and work. He was a colorful, excited person who led a fast and intense life. Apparently, he was in a hurry. His place can never be filled. Sleep well Ermiya Akay. You are with us in our hearts every second of every day.


Mustafa Akay


Mustafa Akay was born in 1971 in Istanbul. He graduated from Sişli Terakki High School in 1988 and finished a course at Bilkent University in Tourism and Hotel Management in 1995. Mustafa speaks English and has one child. He is responsible for the administration of the company.

Sezanur Akay


Sezanur Akay was born in 1962 in Samsun and graduated from Kadıköy Girls High School in 1979. Sezanur Akay is married with one child. She has put her name to hundreds of impressive wedding dresses as the senior designer of Akay since 1992. Sezanur is the media spokesperson for the company and represents the brand at domestic and foreign fairs. She is preparing to present her first collection under the name of “Sezanur Akay” to brides and the fashion world, in addition to the 2013 collection.


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40 yılı aşan yolculuğunda, gelişimin ve değişimin hep bir adım önünde giden, Türkiye’de gelinlik sektörünün en büyük ve en başarılı markası AKAY, girişimci adaylarına Franchise veriyor.

Bizimle iletişim kurun, sizinle tanışalım.

Yetkili : Demet ELİTEZ

Tel (sabit):0 212 – 603 21 15


The origin of AKAY is coming from the textile store which is managed by Mustafa Akay(1904-1950) in Samsun between 1920 and 1950. When he passed away, Rafet Akay(1934-1993, son of Mustafa Akay) opened a modest wedding dress store in İstanbul/Mahmutpaşa(1976). After Rafet Akay passed away, Ermiya Akay(1959-2013, son of Rafet Akay) took over and settled the company to İstanbul/Mahmutbey. AKAY became the premier wedding dress brand with it’s collections, forward projects and comfortable service knowledge. The brand is based in İstanbul. After Ermiya Akay passed away, AKAY is now leaded by Sezanur Akay(His sister), Mustafa Akay(His brother) and Candan Akay(His wife). AKAY symbolize the modern turkish women. AKAY has a mission to reward womens in their most beautiful days with AKAY experience coming from its past and AKAY culture reflected by brand.


As AKAY, with the project of “A Bride, Thousand Saplings” we donate a seedling donation certificate to our brides by donating seedlings to the forestation areas determined for Turkish forests in the light of environmental awareness and responsibility consciousness. Our project aims to create nature love to the foundation of your family. This project is only valid in our branches in İstanbul and Ankara.

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